Our Third Scientist To Leave Is…

It’s really hotting up now, and the scientists are really under pressure!

The votes have been counted, and the next scientist to get evicted in this zone is…

Louise Dash

Louise, you are a scientist, a musician, and a generous writer of great answers! Thanks for cheerfully answering so many questions about physics, the universe, and many, many other things. We’re really glad you were part of our Neon Zone and we hope you enjoyed the experience.

Students, you can leave messages for Louise by commenting below.

This leaves only Sharon Sneddon and Jon Copley to fight it out for the prize tomorrow.

Who will be the victor? Only the students can decide!

Keep voting. And may the best scientist win.

Posted on June 24, 2010 by ModShane in News. 6 Comments.

6 Responses to Our Third Scientist To Leave Is…

  1. sharonsneddon says:

    Oh no!!!
    Louise I’m so sorry to see you go, I hope your little boy did well at sports day to make up for it!
    It’s been great being on here with you and I wish you lots of luck in your research!

  2. joncopley says:

    Aw, bad luck Louise – I reckon it could have been any of us today (well, could easily have been me at least!). But I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have, and all the best to you and your family up in York. If you (or Sharon or Daniel or Zoe) are ever in my part of the world, do drop by to say “hi”! What will we all do when IaS is finished – what did we used to do with our time?!

  3. spongebob says:

    oh no she was my favorite oh well my new favorite is…sharon !!!!! congrats sharon
    yours spongebob tb

  4. louisedash says:

    Thanks guys!

    I’m sad to be leaving, but I’ve had a fab time and have learnt a huge amount both from the other scientists and the students. It’s been a fantastic experience and I definitely will be doing more science communication stuff now I’ve got the bug. I’m quite pleased I get an evening off tonight though. πŸ˜‰

    Sharon, Jon, Daniel, Zoe – look me up if you’re ever in York, and best of luck with your work. I’ll be following things closely tomorrow to see who wins, so good luck to Sharon and Jon! πŸ˜€

    (Sports Day was fun – different from my day – no races and no prizes (no winners no losers), but the kids had a great time!)

  5. Moderator - Annabel says:

    You wrote some great answers Louise, and your research sounds fascinating- I’m sad I won’t be able to read more about it via student questions! I hope you set up that quantum physics website, maybe for primary school children, but hopefully not exclusively…? πŸ™‚

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