• Question: How many children do you have?

    Asked by tyffani to Zoe, Sharon, Louise, Daniel, Jon on 23 Jun 2010 in Categories: . This question was also asked by hell, freyaburnett.
    • Photo: Sharon Sneddon

      Sharon Sneddon answered on 18 Jun 2010:

      I don’t have any children yet, but, I am very lucky to have an incredibly cute nephew who is 4. He has a condition called cystic fibrosis, so need to take lots of medication and sometimes has to spend time in hospital. Thats one of the other reasons I work on Stem Cells as it’s hoped that they may be able to help people with CF get better.
      I’m also very excited this week as I have a new neice, who was born on Tuesday. I have not met her yet as she is in Scotland, but I’ve seen pictures and she is beautiful. I can’t wait to have a baby of my own!!

    • Photo: Louise Dash

      Louise Dash answered on 20 Jun 2010:

      Hi tyffani

      I have two boys, aged 5 and nearly 2. They’re great – lots of fun but hard work!

    • Photo: Zoe Duck

      Zoe Duck answered on 21 Jun 2010:

      None, I’m a bit young for that yet. However I am getting married soon in September 🙂

    • Photo: Daniel Richardson

      Daniel Richardson answered on 22 Jun 2010:

      Three. Though one insists that he is an ostrich.

    • Photo: Jon Copley

      Jon Copley answered on 23 Jun 2010:

      I don’t have any yet.